Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini

Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini (BSc Economics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, 1991; Ph.D. in Economics at the Bocconi University of Milan, 1996).

Since 2016 he is Full Professor of Corporate Finance, Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. November 2016 – September 2018 Member of the National Committee for the National Qualification of Associate and Full Professor of Banking and Finance. Since November 2017, he is Director of the Research Centre for studies in Applied Economics, Catholic University.

He is fellow of research centres and Scientific Societies.He was visiting scholar at the University Carlos III in Madrid-2008, the University Cergy-Pontoise in Paris-2011, the Cass Business School in London-2012-2019.

His main research interests include issues of Banking and Finance, Corporate Governance, Law and Finance, Law and Economics; microfinance issues, corporate finance and corporate histories of banks and industrial corporations.

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