Riccardo De Lisa

Riccardo De Lisa is a full professor of Banking and Finance at the Cagliari University (IT). He researched and published several papers on financial regulation, banking crisis management and bank risk management.

He is currently supervising the Analysis, Research and Statistics Unit of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (FITD). He is also the Head of research of EFDI (European Forum of Deposit Insurers). As an international bank risks expert, he served the IMF, the World Bank and TAIEX (EC).

He has been a member of the Consultative Panel of CEBS (Committee of European Banking Supervisors)and a member of the Financial Users Forum of the European Commission (EC).

He is a co-author of the Basel 2 guide to SMEs of the EC, translated in 21 languages and the SYMBOL model, widely used by to assess the impacts of financial European Directives

He studied at York (UK), New York (USA).