Karen Wendt

Karen Wendt is the editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science and Business Media, a series dealing with new concepts in Economy, Leadership, Investment, Finance, Strategy, Management, Exponential Tech, and Behavior. Karen is also a serial entrepreneur. Her mission is to merge economy and business with purpose and passion to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) using  Choice Architecture  and applying Theories of Change. She combines investment, strategy, ideation and mediation knowledge with investment and finance as well as network and movement building skills. She pioneered in the creation of the Equator Principles, the Gold Standard in investment banking for achieving human rights assessments and respect in business,  de-risking assets from extra-financial risks  and crafting a more integral approach towards decision making, opportunity recognition and positive impact creation.

The Equator Principles Institutions won the Financial Times Sustainability Award. Karens research interest is on impact investing and impact entrepreneurship as well as leadership evolution, theories of change and social stock exchanges. She is keynote speaker, advisor, facilitator, mediator and leadership coach.